the most fundamental factor in wellness

“Not drinking enough water is one of the commonest causes of unwellness...
chronic dehydration is a major cause of ageing.”
Ageless body, timeless mind Dr. Deepak Chopra 

Aqua Hydration supplied by Sue Jones
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The Aqua Formulae

The core issue at question here is HYDRATION - the body's ability to utilise and manage WATER at a cellular level."

Synergy means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and this phenomenon has been used by herbalists over the centuries to great effect.

The Aqua HYDRATION Formulae are designed to exploit this concept of synergy.

"The fact that WATER acts at the most basic level of metabolism should be a clue to the importance of HYDRATION as a component in any holistic healthcare regimen."

"Most people assume that drinking WATER will insure they are not dehydrated. Drinking purified WATER is certainly a useful first step in supporting good health. Yet in our modern stressful environment it is not enough."








The Aqua HYDRATION Formulae  are designed to promote stamina and wellbeing by supporting cellular HYDRATION in your body. They work by assisting your body's management of fluids right down to the cellular level.

The Aqua HYDRATION Formulae combine homoeopathics, herbal extracts and flower essences in safe, simple drops.

One formula is taken on rising and the other on retiring to cater for the differences in waking and sleeping metabolism.


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