the most fundamental factor in wellness

“Not drinking enough water is one of the commonest causes of unwellness...
chronic dehydration is a major cause of ageing.”
Ageless body, timeless mind Dr. Deepak Chopra 

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The Researchers

Jaroslav Boublik and Leonie Hibbert met in 1993 when Jaroslav was training to run the Melbourne Marathon. Jaroslav found that, during training runs, he was 'hitting the wall' at 20 kms, with profound dehydration and nausea, and so he consulted Leonie, a natural therapist. Leonie gave Jaroslav a variety of natural products and remedies which, when combined, were designed to assist him with his hydration. The combined formulation quickly improved Jaroslav's hydration and allowed his training to progress. A few months later Jaroslav completed the marathon in good time and he was particularly impressed by his rapid rate of recovery.

The results were so impressive that they decided to take this work further and develop what are now called The Aqua Hydration Formulae. They continue their research into hydration to the present day.

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> Jaroslav Boublik
> Leonie Hibbert



Dr Jaroslav Boublik & Leonie Hibbert and their research, on water hydration and the Aqua Formulae, have been wideley published. A selection of these articles are available via the links below.

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