the most fundamental factor in wellness

“Not drinking enough water is one of the commonest causes of unwellness...
chronic dehydration is a major cause of ageing.”
Ageless body, timeless mind Dr. Deepak Chopra 

Aqua Hydration supplied by Sue Jones

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Parkinson's disease treatment

Parkinson’s Disease

A Melbourne Naturopath John Coleman
ND incorporates the AQUA HYDRATION
FORMULAE in his treatment protocol for
Neuro Degenerative diseases.
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John Coleman ND, in his book
“Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’”
describes the reversal of all his symptoms
of stage 4 Parkinson’s disease. John
writes, “After trying many forms of bodywork
during my journey with Parkinson’s
disease, I found that Bowen Therapy
combined with the Aqua Hydration
and self help activities, brought
the greatest benefit.”
John perceives a synergy between the two
therapies, especially when enhanced by
self-help activities and lifestyle changes.

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To order John’s Book call
+44 (0)1235 851549 to check stock level.

Click here to download an interview with
John Coleman ND.


We all need more energy but
Sportsmen & Athletes
particularly, notice
Improved Performance

Use The Aqua Formulae
Increased Stamina & Energy Levels,
      and Shorter Recovery Time

The Aqua Formulae
Improve and support cellular hydration.
    This has many knock on benefits:
    one being Joint Pain is often reported
    eliminated or reduced.

The Aqua Formulae
Optimise the uptake of nutrients &
    clearance of toxins
resulting in a sense
    of improved general wellbeing.







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